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Animal welfare
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Animal welfare

My opinion is that animal welfare is very important. People are causing the extinction of animals directly, by killing them for more reasons, and by destroying their natural homes.

The extinction of animals is something very serious. It cannot be turned back and it destroys the ecological balance, which can have unforeseeable consequences.

There are many animal species that are on the edge of extinction. The reasons may be different. It can be the mass destruction or shooting of animals for their fur, or other parts, for example the killing of elephants because of their tusks and rhinos for their horns, which can be sold for a high price or are used as materials for souvenirs. But it also can be the destruction of their environment. The forests are disappearing because the trees are being cut down in large numbers, causing animals to leave their territories. There are less safe places and places to hide for the animals. But if that would not be enough, there is even less food for the animals.

And it is the same for animals, that eat plants, and animals that hunt other animals. With the drying of the swamps the plants, that are typical only for them, vanish, bringing death or disappearence to the animals and bugs that are dependent from them. The global warming of the climate also has bad conseqences for animals living in the northern reaches. Polar bears and other northern animals are endangered, because the icebergs are melting and the sea level is rising, making their territories smaller and smaller every day.

We should care more about the animals and their wellfare. All species in the nature are dependent from each other. If one species vanishes, an other may spread wide in large numbers, destroying the natural balance, which has some very serious consequences. There are already some extinct animals. People should care more about nature and animals as they do novadays.
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