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My favourite town - Kremnica
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My favourite town

For somebody to choose a favourite town can be quite difficult, because people can like many places, for example their hometown, a place where they were on a holiday or the town where some of their relatives live. Personally, I chose a town where I was once on a holiday. This town is called Kremnica.

Kremnica, once the capital town of the central slovak mining region, has also today an international importance as the seat of a mint, that’s ducats were admitted by all the traders and merchants in Europe. The town of Kremnica is situated in the middle of the Kremnické mounts between seven hills, that were created by volcanic activity in the early phases of the tertiary period, in an area with plenty of gold and silver ore. These minerals were tempting people to move there and find them.

At the edge of the town there are small detached family houses. You can see from the style they were built that they are old, but also kept in a very good condition. As you travel towards the town centre the houses are getting bigger, newer, with beautiful wooden roofs, attics and teraces. The biggest houses are around the square in the centre of the town, all decorated in renessaince and baroque style. But the most beautiful part of Kremnica is the gothic castle and it´s church. There is a great infiltration of the flora from the south. Here is also the boundary line between the oak and coniferous forests.

Kremnica´s importance was noticed by Karol Róbert, who granted it the privilegue of a town in 1328. The castle and the church were built in 1442. Also grammar school was built in 1768.

I would say that Kremnica is an impressing town. The area is suitable for both summer and winter sports. I can only recommend to visit Kremnica.
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