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Health and diseases
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Very Dangerous Diseases

Some disease are still incurable(nevyléčitelný). First of all it's AIDS. Some kinds of cancor(rakovina) are incurable too. If cancer is found out early enough and radiotheraphy and chemotheraphy are applied, cancer may be stopped. The third very dangerous disease is stroke(mrtvice). Many people die after stroke, many people are paralysed - many of them are confined (omezený) to a weelchair. Eighty years ago tuberculosis (TBC) was an incurable disease too. Million of peoples died of TBC. But after Fleming had discovered penicilin, TBC became curable.

Keep Fit

Health is influenced by the way of life. If we want to be well, if we want to be fit we must have a regular daily routine. It means we have to get up at the same time, we have to go to bed at the fixed time.We would better walk to school not go by bus, or by car. We would better not take the lift, but walk up the stairs an down the stairs.
One of the most effective ways of keeping fit is do some sport.For example swimming, jogging or ride a bicykl.

Food And Health

Food and health are connected. Our food must contain: proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, roughage(vláknina) and minerals.

PROTEINS - they can be found in meat, in eggs, cheese, youghurt and other dairy products. White meat is better then red meat (beef, pork)
CARBOHYDRATES - they can be found in bread, pasta, pastry, cakes and chocolades
FAT - it can be found in bacon
VITAMINS - they can be found in fruit and vegetables
ROUGHAGE - can be found in cereals and poridge.
MINERALS - can be found in mineral water, in vegetables, for example beans contain a lot of calcium, which is very important for our bones and teeth, or spinch is full of iron.

Some people overeat and they are overweight or obeze. A lot of people eat fast fodd. Theese are hamburgers, cheesburgers, hot dogs, pizza, and fish and chips. But many people buy foods only in health shops. It's good to eat five times a day: have a breakfast, have a snack, have lunch, have tea and have dinner. A Slovak proverb says: Have a breakfast like a king, have a lunch like a citizen and have dinner like a pauper(žebrák).

First Aid Kit (lékárnička)

This is a box or a little case with things necessary(nezbytné) for helping in an emergency(záchrana, stav nouze). There should be bandages, scissors(nůžky), waterproof plasters, safety pins(sponky), tape(náplast), antiseptic powder, and tweezers(pinzeta,kleštičky).

Parts of human body

Head: face, hair, eyes, eyebrows(obočí), eyelashes (řasy) ears, cheeks(tváře), chin(brada), mouth, lips, jaw(čelist), teeth, tongue(jazyk), neck, forehead(čelo), temples, nose,

Trunk(trup): back, chest(hrudník), tummy(břicho),whist(pas), hips(boky), ), buttocks(hýždě),


upper limb- arm, shoulder(rameno), armpit (podpaždí), elbow(loket), forearm(předloktí), wrist(zápěstí), hand, fingers (thumb, index finger,middle finger, ring finger, little finger), nail

ower limb- leg, thigh(stehno), knee, calf(lýtko), shin(holeň), foot(chodidlo),sole(chodidlo), instep(nárt), ankl (kotník), heel(pata), toes (prsty na noze)

Skeleton: skull(lebka). backbone(páteř), bones(kosti), join (kloub),rib (žebro)

Internal organs: heart, lunte(plíce), stokách(žaludek), large intestine(tlusté střevo), small intestine(tenké střevo), appendix, liver(játra), gall bladde (žlučník), kidneys(ledviny), bladder(močový měchýř), spleen(slezina).
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