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Health and diseases
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Medical care of any type in our country is free of charge (bezplatný), althought there are now many private doctors. We do not pay for prescriptions (lékařský recept) or for some medicines. But for other medicines, especially for those from abroad, we must pay. For a long time the state has been looking after each of its (jeho) citizens (občan, občanka) – even (i, dokonce) before birth. Mothers get financial help and benefits (výhody) for three years after the birth of a child. Then comes medical and social care for these children.

The Health insurance system

Employers (zaměstnavatel) pay health insurance (zdravotní pojištění) for thein employees (zaměstnanec), but everybody can pay extra money for his health insurance. Private people must pay thein health insurance themselves (sobě).

Health centres

If we fall ill (onemocnit) or if we have an akcident (nehoda, úraz), w ego to the Health centre, Policlinic, Hospitál or to some Private Doctors. There are various types of medical treatment (léčba) for our different types of problems. Doctor may (možná) ask you to strip to the waist (svléci se do pasu) before he examines (vyšetřit) your chest and throat (krk->zevnitř). They check (zkontrolují) our blood pressure (krevní tlak), feel the pulse or put our blood or urine (moč) through lab-tests. Sometimes they may X-ray (rentgen) our lunte (plíce) or bones (kosti). We must go throught many type sof vaccination (očkování) during our lives. Dentist may check our teeth and sometimes pull out (vytrhnout) one of them or drill (vrtat) and fill them (zaplombuje). Doctors usually prescribe some medicines to us – pills, antibiotics, gargling (kloktadlo), eye-drops, sleeping pills, ointment (mast) or they tell us,we have to go on a diet.


The are GP(general practitoners), dentists, surgeons (chirurg), interns, oculists (oční), pediatricians, gynaecologists, psychiatrists, dermatologists, ear and throath specialists, orthopaedic specialists. Each person undergo (podstoupit) a regular check-up (lékařská prohlídka) a least once a year.


Children diseases such as measles(spalničky), chickenpox(plané neštovice),mumps (příušnice), scarlet-fever(spála).
Infections diseases such as flu, angina, indigestion (porucha trávení,bolení žaludku) diarrhoea (průjem) or constipation (zácpa).Dangerous diseases such as tuberculosis, anaemia (chudokrevnost), pneumonia (zácpa plic), leukemia, diabetes, hepatitis (žloutenka), The doctors care must be very attentive (pozorný) because human life is in danger.


It is true that prevetion is better than cure (léčba). The bes way to cue yourself of disease is not to catch it. We should try to live a healthy way of life, which means (znamenat) we should have a good proportion of work to leisure time, between our slep and up time, to keep our mental state in order. We should practise sports, at lest swim or go for walks, we should eat healthy food with lot sof vitamins, we should not smoke, drink much alcohol, become drug addicts or change our intimate friend often too.

I think health is the most important thing in life. Without health you can't enjoy your life..

Children's Diseases

In the past millions of childrens died of children disease. Such as diphtheria, scarlet fever and polio. Some other disease were very dangerous. They were: children-pox (small-pox), measles, German measles and mumps. Today are vaccinated against them.
German measles are very dangerous to girls and women. If they become ill with that disease, they may not have a baby.

Common Disease (illnesses)

Sometimes you get ill but the illness isn't dangerous, so you don't go to the doctor's. You stay at home and in a day or a few days you are well again. Such illnesses may be: a cold, a stomachache and a headache.
But when you have flu or a sore throat you should see the doctor.

At The Doctor

I enter the surgery. The doctor ussually asks me, "What's the metter with you?" .I answer, "Oh, doctor, I feel so sick. I have a cold, I have a bad cough." Then the doctor says, "Let my examine you. Get undressed to the waist." He takes his stethoscope and listens to my lungs and hearth. He says, "Fortunately(naštěstí) it isn't pneumonia(zápal plic). It is only bronchitis(zjánět průdušek)." He asks the nurse to take my temperature. The nurse puts a thermometer in my mounth. After a minute the nurse says that I have a temperature. Then the doctor says, "Now I'll write you out a prescription. I'll prescribe you antibiotics. You must take them twice a day each twelf hours after meal. You must stay in bad, drink hot tea with lemon and eat a lot of fruit."


Sometimes when we fall down or fall off tree, or fall off a bike we make injure ourselves. Sometimes it's only a bruise(pohmoždění). Othertime it may be something more serious. Your ankle hurts it's swollen(oteklý). You put a splint(dláha) on your foot and then you must go for an X-ray. The X-ray will show if your ankle is sprained (put out) (vymknutý) or broken. If it's sprained you put ice bags on it and in a few days you will be able(schopný) to walk. If it's broken, your foot is put in plaster. After some weeks plaster is removed. Sometimes you have to go to physiotherapy.
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