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Some people love more romantic means of transport- going on a yacht, canoeing, gliding (plachtění) or windsurfing.

Traveling fever increase [inkris] (vzrůstá) during the holidays – especially during the summer holidays, when people go abroad. For going abroad you need necessary [neseseri] (nezbytné) documents : valid passport (platný pas). Sometimes people must have got also visa, we can get it at embassy. Czechs need visa for example for entry to USA, New Zealand or Ukraine. If people travel to the exotic countries, it is important to have vaccination [ veksinejšn] for example against malaria. You need money too. You change them in a bank or at an exchange office.

If we travel for longer time, we usually have got few pieces of luggage (zavazadlo) with clothes, food and so on. Businessman usually hold suitcase, ladies handbags and young people rucksacks or bags. Everyone should keep the weight limits.

It is also very useful to know some foreign language, as an Englisch or German.

The most beatiful places are Rome, Venice, London, Praque, Paris or Amsterdam. I like Egypt and Spain too. We can see there very nice buildings, temples (chrámy), churches or castles. For a recreation we travel to beatiful skenery (krajina) of Alps and places around in Mediterraanean [medite‘reinjen] (Středozemní) Sea.

But we dont have only summer holidays. In our country are many short holidays during the scholl year : autumn holidays which last only few days; christmas holidays which last for one week,in which people celebrate christmas and new year. On this holidays I am usually with my family, we visit grandmother. Other holidays are spring holidays last one week too, easter holidays last only few days.

In our country is travelling very popular. After year 1989 we can travel everywhere. I think that Czechs like very much so-called package holiday (dovolená s cestovou). It is maybe more expensive but that is more comfortable. Package holiday includes (zahrnovat) accommodation, transport to the place of holiday and back, food, insurance (pojištění) and service of a courier. Sometimes it can include some trips or another entertainment.

The Czech Republic is today also very attractive place for holiday. In our country foreign tourists admire [ed’maire] (obdivovat) Prague. There are many monuments, which were bulit hundred years ago. There are lots of churches, castels and old buildings. In the Czech Republic there are also some recreation places : Šumava, Krkonoše, Jeseníky or Beskydy. This places visited tourists mainly from Germany and Pollen or Austria. Other reasons can be different culture actions, which are taking plac ethere. For example film festival Karlovy Vary or music festival like Prague Spring, Rock for People or Trutnov Open Air. A big reason, why people can visit our country, are the prices. Everything is here quite cheaper and, of course, we can produce [prodjus] the best bier.

In our country there are many state and private travel agencies. Here people can buy trips, tickets for foreign busses or trans or reserve accommodation (ubytování), which is very important (důležitý). In thirst place there are hotels and motels. Before arrival you should make a reservation, book a room in it. You can get breakfast of full board (plná penze).

In a hotel there is usually some of the hotel’s services : a restaurant, a bar, a coffee shop, a travel desk, a theater ticket office, a hairdresser’s shop (kadeřník) and beauty salon or sports facilities (příležitost, vybavení) like a swimming poool or a fitness centre.

The motels are situated mostly by the roads. The guests can park his car at the door of his own room.

A special kind of accommodation for young people are yout hostels (mládežnická ubytovna). Usually you got there only a bed and a toilette. It is not very comfortable.
Some tourists also prefer to stay at a farm or they rent a room on their own or in a camp. In the last time young people also sleep open air (pod širákem), it is typical for some summer music festivals.

When we travel we need luggage for our cloths. We can use rucksack , tent (stan) and sleeping bag too.

I like travelling and I think that travelling is very important today. We should learn about another cultures and different styles of living. We can meet new people and friends too. It’s many countries, which I would like to visit in the future, but at first I would like to visit Egypt, Spain and London.
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