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Hobby, freetime, lifestyle

Free time can be defined as the time when people do not have to work, when they can do whatever they like and enjoy and when they can relax. It is the time of entertainment and fun.

I think free time is very important for us. All of us need some time only for themselves, when we can do some activities, which give us some pleasure – hobbies. Our life is too hectic, fast and difficult. We are daily stressed, so we need some compensation to get rid of stress. Practising of some hobbies is really good way how to relax and feel better.

If you ask people about their hobbies, some of them will tell you that their profession is their hobby and they are ready to spend nearly all their free time at work. Psychologists claim that it is not good if you do not get enough relaxation and people whose hobby is different from their profession are much happier because they switch to a new activity in their leisure time which is beneficial for them. They are more efficient when they start working again.

There are many kinds of hobbies which can be practised. Some people, especially lazy people, prefer psychical activities because they don’t like movement or maybe because they need some psychically stimulation, so they read some books, watch TV or play computer.

Some people try to develop their talent, so they spend their free time by drawing or painting, writing or playing some musical instrument. Many people do some useful activities like working in their garden, cooking or baking, embroidering, etc. = usually older people.

Collecting has been popular, and there are a lot of collectors who attend special shows and take a chance to swap and exchange their treasures, but it is becoming less popular at present, especially with young generation who is taking up computer games instead.

Some of us do rather some physical activities, maybe because of amount of energy. So they practise some kind of sport. It is good and healthy hobby which help us to be fit and keep our body in a good condition. In my opinion it is more useful hobby than sitting in front of television in living room. Of course, someone could argue that it is saver than sport because we can injure by doing some sport but I think it doesn’t happen very often if we beware. I like some sports too, for example skiing. I go skiing whenever it is possible and have never been injured.

There are many people who feel alone and have nobody or they need to care about someone because they don’t have their own children. These people solve this problem by buying some pet, which becomes their hobby and their best friend too. Usually they buy some typical pet like dog or cat but sometimes they want to have something extraordinary like iguana or spider. This kind of hobby becomes popular particularly in last century. In the past it wasn’t so usual to have some pet and behave to it like to friend. People used to have animals because they needed them. It was mostly some farm animals such as cow, goat, pig, etc., because they were useful. Now we have them because of our pleasure.

Some people buy a pet because it is in now and they behave to it like to supplement of fashion. Lot of celebrities buy some little dogs and want to be seen with them in front of cameras but then they give the pet away because it isn’t fashionable anymore. In think this is a sign of irresponsibility and insensibility.

Naturally, as everybody, I have some hobbies too. My favourite hobbies are my friends who are very important for me. As I said before, I like skiing and hiking too. I do it usually with my parents but it is the only one free time activity which I share with them. I like some books too but I don’t have much time for them in the last time because of learning for my school leaving exams.

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