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Informal letter
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Hi Peter!

How are you doing? What did you get for Christmas? Did you go skiing during the holidays? I did – to High Tatras with my family. We had a great time. The accomodation was really fabulous, so was the food, the only thing we hadn’t been so sure about was the weather. But finaly, there were loads of snow and fun!

Anyway, I promised to write you about my half term school report. Well, it was fantastic, indeed – I became all ones suprisingly! You know I wasn’t sure about the Slovak language and expected 2 from Maths and also from Biology. What about your school report? And have you decided what university to go to, yet? I have already sent an application form to the Faculty of Medicine in Bratislava and Brno and to the Faculty of Pharmacy in Bratislava, but I’m still thinking about Medicine in Prague and Martin. I’d mybe have a better chance to get to a university, but I don’t know if it’s worth the 2 000 Slovak crowns.

I must end now, but I’m expecting a response soon!

Best wishes

Your XY
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