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Characteristics of my grandmother
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Julia XY is my maternal grandmother, who has just had her 75th birthday. Despite her old age, she is still very active: she spends a lot of time working in her really big garden, where she grows plums, peaches and vines, from which home-made wine used to be made. She grows some vegetables, too: carrots, parsley, potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflower, kohlrabi and many others.

When we come to visit her, thanks to the TV she’s always informed about all recent events. Her face is wrinkled not only for worrying, but mainly for her smile. She’s always smiling, even with her everyday problems with health and looking after my grandpa.

She is slim and not very tall, with middle-cut wavy brown hair and blue eyes. She’s very religious, likes listening to folk music (probably as every old person) and she used to do needlework, for which, unfortunately, she doesn’t have enough time now. I think that everyone would be happy to have such an active old lady as their grandmother.
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