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My Worst Day Ever
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One day, about a month before the summer holidays, it was supposed to be a day, that I should remember for my whole life – it was my school leaving exam. I was quite excited about it – most of the people experience it only once in their life, so I hoped I wouldn’t be any exception.

I had set my alarm clock to 7:00 as usualy. Surprisingly, when it went of in the morning and I looked at it, it was 8:00 already! I managed to jump out of my bed as quickly as probably never, dressed myself, threw some bread roll into my mouth and – of course wasted 30 seconds putting grease on my hair - all in an incredible pace. After a few minutes, I was standing in front of the lift and thinking, what essential things had I forgotten to take. Oh no! My Ginkgo Bilobae pills! At the moment, I hesitated if it was worth the worthy seconds, but I decided to rely on my natural thinking ability, so I got in the lift and pressed „0“.

When I entered the school a bit puffed after I had been rushing and overtaking even some bicycles, my face was profusely covered with sweat. I made me look like a human. Meanwhile, I got upstairs and touched the handle of the door. I took a deep breath and slowly opened it.

Suddenly, I woke up, laying in my bed at home! Looking at the clock, it was saying: ‘6:59‘...
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