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My Worst Holiday
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Once during a summer holidays, we went, as usually, to our cottage to enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet, in the contrast to the everyday busy city life in Trnava.

In the evening after a sunny happy day we decided, according to our tradition, to go to the pub in the nearest village. Me, my two brothers and my cousin came into the pub, went to the counter, said hello to our well-known waiter and asked: ´Four times the Radler, please.´ Radler is half beer and half tonic. Always having this is also our tradition. The waiter gave it to us. We paid, drank it out and went back to the cottage.

The next evening we appeared in the pub again, but the waiter was different. We had never seen him there, yet. He was dark, thin but tall and looked a bit unkind. It was my turn to ask the drinks that day. I stepped slowly towards the counter, looked up at him and asked with a shaking voice: ´Could you give us four times the Radler, please? ´ The waiter didn’t say anything, still looking down and washing the glasses. I tried it once again: ´Excuse me! Could I get four times the Radler, please?!´ He still didn’t react. Then, after a while he suddenly hit a glass against the counter! Looking finally at me he pointed with his ugly bony finger at a sign on the wall behind him and read loudly: ´Selling alcoholic drinks and tobacco products to children under 18 years is strongly prohibited!´ We inclined our heads sadly and were forced to say: ´So…so…four times Kofola, then…´
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