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Phrasal verbs
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Dennis Oliver's Phrasal Verbs: D

do in (1. separable): cause to become very tired.

"Those three games of tennis yesterday afternoon really did me in. I slept for ten hours after I got home."

do in (2. separable): to kill; to murder.

"The said that the murdered man was done in between 10 and 11 o'clock last night."

do over (separable): do something again.

"Oh, no! I forgot to save my report before I turned the computer off! Now I'll have to do it over!"

drag on (no object): last much longer than expected or is necessary.

"I thought the meeting would be a short one, but it dragged on for more than three hours."

draw up (separable): create a formal document.

"The Ajax and Tip-Top Banks have decided to merge. Their lawyers will draw all the official documents up sometime this month."

drop off (separable): deliver something; deliver someone (by giving him/her a ride).

"Yes, I can take those letters to the post office. I'll drop them off as I go home from work."
"You don't have to take a taxi. You live fairly close to me, so I'll be happy to drop you off."

drop in (on) (inseparable): visit informally (and usually usually without scheduling a specific time).

"If you're in town next month, we'd love to see you. Please try to drop in. (Please try to drop in on us."

drop by (inseparable): visit informally (and usually without scheduling a specific time).

"If you're in town next month, we'd love to see you. Please try to drop by the house."

drop out (of) (inseparable): stop attending / leave school or an organization.

"No, Paul isn't at the university. He dropped out. / He dropped out of school."

draw out (separable): prolong something (usually far beyond the normal limits).

"I thought that speech would never end. The speaker could have said everything important in about five minutes, but he drew the speech out for over an hour!"

Dennis Oliver's Phrasal Verbs: E

eat out (no object): have a meal in a restaurant.

"I'm too tired to cook tonight. Why don't we eat out?"

egg on (separable): urge / encourage greatly toward doing something (usually something negative).

"At first Bob and Chuck were just having a mild argument, but Bob's friends egged them on until they started fighting."

end up (1. no object): finally arrive at; arrive at an unexpected place.

"We got lost last night and ended up in the next town."

end up (2. no object): arrive somewhere as a result or consequence.

"You're working too hard. If you don't take it easy, you'll end up in the hospital!"
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