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It all went wrong
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Yesterday I had quite wrong day. I woke up at 6 o’clock and I went downstairs in the kitchen. I didn’t find there any rolls and salames like each day in the morning. So I wanted to go in the shop by bike, but I had a defect. I had to go in the shop by walks. Then I had a typical English breakfast. I had to by for 1 o’clock in the Bratislava, because I had a very important exam. I went there by car. I was driving fast, because I was late for exam. Police stopped me, because I was travelling at150 kilometres per hour. I got money penalty. Unfortunately I lost my wallet in the morning and I hadn’t any money. I explained to the police that I was late for very important exam. They were nice and they didn’t give me money penalty.

After this incident with police I rountinneted in the journey. When I was near the Bratislava my car out of petrol, so I had to trail. At one moment when I was trailing some car crashed to me and I fell down on the rood. A driver who crashed to me let me on the rood and went out. I had a lucky, because some beautiful woman saw this accident she phoned the ambulance. I woke up in the hospital for two days after my accident. The first face which I saw was that beautiful woman who phoned the ambulance. She was a nurse from Kramare and after one year I got married with her.
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