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Pete Wright: The Bermuda Triangle
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About writer:

Pete Wright has spent a lot of time making music and mischief and stories. Many people would like him and his music to travel frequently in the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is a mystery place. There have been written many books about it, several by Charles Berlitz. There are also books that take the evidence and show most of it to be inaccurate or false.

Main topic: Mysteries of Bermuda Triangle

Main idea: Stories of people who survived on the sea

Main character:

Mr. Travis was a pilot who loves adventures, mysteries and he likes trips by ship on the sea. At the free time he like talks stories from his life mainly in the pub.
Henry senior was a man who interested in Bermuda Triangle. He wanted to find some proofs about mystery influence of Bermuda Triangle.
Henry junior is a student who wrote a story about his uncle and he interested in Bermuda Triangle, too.


The Bermuda Triangle is an area of ocean shaped like narrow triangle. It stretches from Bermuda to the coast of North America, near Miami. It is a place of mystery. Many boats, ships and planes disappeared there. Local people believe this area to be damned. Some people believe that aliens caused the evanescence. There exist various opinions about the evanescence. Does Bermuda Triangle really exist? People are looking for an answer to this question but there are still missing any proofs.
Pete Wright wrote a story about the Bermuda Triangle. It is a story about two men Travis and Henry senior. Travis was sitting in the bar and talking one of his stories about Triangle to a tourist. And here the story started. Henry senior came to the bar. He wanted to speak with Travis about Triangle. Three years ago Travis and his brother had an aircraft crash on the sea near the area of Triangle. He survided the crash but his brother died Henri wanted to test the influence of Triangle on himself. Henry gave to Travis some money because he needed his help. He intend to go to the Triangle. Henry prepared his equipment very carefully. He brought G.P.S. system., dictaphone, a lot of sensors screening data about temperature, magnetic wave and sea conditions. Next morning Travis met Henry in the harbour. They got in the ship called Sea Lion and put forth upon the sea. They reached the area of Triangle at 12.00 clock.

Suddenly Henry frightened. He saw Travis´s brother. When he woke up he saw Travis and an old „Westland Whirlwind“ - a heavy chopper used by coastguard. Henry didn´t understand why was Travis so shocked. When coastguard went away Travis said to Henry, that coastguard flew only 15 miles away from the coast and they were at least 25 miles away from the coast. Was it just their hallucination? Who know. They throw buoys into the sea. The sensors didn´t show any changes in the water condition for hours. At sunset they get in the cabin and took one bottle of whisky. The sea was quiet. Henry and Travis oversleeped. Henry woke up a few minutes after midnight . There was a storm outside. Water flooded into the cabin. Henry and Travis ran to the deck. They needed help so Travis phoned to the harbour. Angela heard Travis phonecall for a help. She took a scooter and she targeted to the place of accident. While she ride to the Triangle the Sea Lion sank. Henry wanted to rescue recorded dates, he dived into the sea but he managed to rescue only a dictaphone. Travis broke his leg. Henry found some woody board and put Travis on it. The pylon fell down on Henry´s head. Travis was shouting to Henry and suddenly he fell down. He woke up in the hospital. He supposed that Henry wouldn´t survive. It was true.

My opinion:

I enjoy this book. It is very interesting book with a mystery story. The theme of Bermuda Triangle is very interesting. It is a one part of the world which is fully of mysteries and adventurous stories. Many scientists tryed to explain this mystery. I think that books similar to this one make from this area mysterious place what is very necessary for our fantasy.
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