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My summer holidays
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My holiday started on 30th June and it finished 5th September. My holiday was very adventurous, interesting and funny. I was happy every day. In my second holidays week I was in Greece in Paralia and there it happened.

I was in Greece with my friends and my cousin. We slept in a tent. A lot of people were camping there too. There it was hot, warm water and beautiful sunny weather. There were discos, pubs, restaurants and many things. We were swimming every day. We were there one week. We were happy, because the weather was very good, but one day it was a big storm.

I lent a little ship and I went on the open sea with my cousin Andrew and my friend Peter. The weather was very good. On the sea we were catching fish and I had very much happiness, because I caught long and heavy fish. It was one meter long and fifty kg heavy.
In the evening the weather was bad, because wind, was so strong and the waves were big. Then we were diving and swimming under water. At 10 o, clock p.m. we get in the cabin and we play cards and suddenly we overslept.

I woke up a few minutes after midnight. It was a big storm outside. Water flooded into the cabin. We ran to the deck. We needed help so Andrew phoned to the harbour. The ship sank and we were on the saving boat.

In the morning guards saved us and we went in the hospital. Nobody had injury. We were in the hospital two hours. I thought that we were going to sink and die. Peter had a big adventure from it. “I won’t go there”, said my mother.
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