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What a wonderful world
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The life is very good in the all parts of the time. All seasons are exciting and interesting. Every person likes another season. Autumn is very nice for my, because it is all coloured. People in the free time have a rest differently. My family have a rest in the High Tatras. My friends are studying in high school and in university.

My father is skiing on the Kriváň. My mother is walking with her friends. My sister is talking with Roman in the restaurant. Roman is drinking a glass of red wine and smoking cigarettes. My oldest fried is Peter. He is studying in London. He study English.

My father is wearing a black jean, a red jacked and a red cap. Mater is wearing a blue jeans and a purple jacked. Sister is wearing a red dress and a black boots. Roman is wearing a black suit and a red shirt. Peter is wearing a blue jeans and black T- shirt.

Boys wear often black or blue jeans, different T- shirt and shirt and shoes. Girls wear often skirts, dress, jumper and shoes. They buy it in the shop and in the stare. In the shop it appears like this: Can I help you? Yes, please. I am looking for a shirt to go with my new suit. What about this one? Do you like this? Oh yes. Can I try in on? Yes, of course. How much is it? It is 40, 00 pounds. Thank you very much.

I like summer very much, because it is warm. I enjoy when I can swim in the lake and a sky is blue.
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