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Great Britain
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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is known how Great Britain. Country form four region: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Area is 244,000 km2. Capital city is London. Official language is English. Capital works people are services, industry and banking. Great Britain is country of more civilization.
England is region with the highest density of population. People live in towns and cities, for example in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Capital city is London. London is a very big and very old city. In London is many entertainment. There are a lot of hotels, museums, restaurants, parks and historical monuments. There is museum of Madane Tussaud,s, there are wax figures. For example: Bratt Pitt and Jenifer Lopez. London has three main airports. Taxi cast 2 pounds and bus cast 2 pounds and 40penz. Typical English breakfast is: eggs, bacon and sausages. In England live a lot of popular people. People like fast food. English are driving to the left side of the road. Double – decker buss is the one from the most famous vehicles in all Britain. In London tourists visit especially: Big Ben, museums, Picadelly Circus, Westministers cathedral, Backingham Palace, Tower of London and other places. In the Backingham Palace live royalty. Very famous place in England is Stonehage. English national flower is rose.

English conquered Wales in 1282. Wales is a small country and capital city is Cardiff. In Wales is very good beer. Welsh national plant is leek.

Scotland and England were official united in 1707. People live in agglomeration: Edinburgh and Glasgow. Capital city is Edinburgh and it is very interesting places. In Edinburgh is very popular Fort Bridche, it is very old. There are many lakes and mountains. People lakes call Lochs and the most popular is the Loch Ness. In Loch Ness live Loch Ness monster. It is a very big fish. Scottish symbol is thistle.

Northern Ireland is created for six pagus. Capital city is Belfast. There is very good beers and listening to very good music. Treefoil is symbol of Ireland.
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