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Sara Paretsky: At the Old Swimming Hole
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Alicia Dauphine - swimmer
Victoria Warshawski – private detective
Tom Dauphine – Alicia’s brother


Victoria is Alicia‘s friend. Alicia invited Victoria to swimming competition. They had been friends since they secondary school. The organizer changed the swimmers’ positions, leaving the first lane empty. The starting gun was fired and six bodies threw themselves into the water. The water around the second swimmer was turning red. Victoria jumped to the water and helped to lift that woman from water. The woman was dead a few minutes after this accident. Victoria told all necessary to policemen and she took Alicia to Victoria’s house. Victoria wanted to know about what was going on in the swimming pool. Alicia did tell her nothing.

At night the telephone rang and some voice in the telephone said her Alicia was lucky but at next time she wasn’t. Alicia could hear this conversation so she ran away from the house. Victoria telephoned to some friend from crime sphere and she wanted to help. Victoria had to find Alicia because she dreaded about her. She went to Alicia’s house. The door was locked and nobody was there. She went beside the house and she saw a broken window in the kitchen. She got in the kitchen and she was looking something strange. She saw a mixed things on the floor. Somebody had to be there before her.

She went to the upstairs and there was nothing interesting and there was nobody. She looked at the door over the stairs. She saw a hand with gun. So she started to run but bullet was hit her. She didn’t stop and she was running out of the house. At the place in front of the house were a lot of children who called an ambulance. At the hospital she was very tired and weak. The agent from FBI gave her any questions about her accident. Peter Carlton agent of FBI told her Alicia had big troubles. Some planes from company in which Alicia was employed was missing. Any Chinese businessman was missing to. They predicted Alicia sold planes to Chinese businessman and escaped. Victoria didn’t believe him.

For the next day she went to find Alicia. Her idea was Alicia had been in Old swimming hole at secondary school. There was Alicia’s favourite person swimming teacher. Victoria’s premise was right. Alicia was there. Alicia told her about her brother Tom who was the gambler. He took her some planes from her office when he was at the visit in her house. He had a lot of debts at big boss of criminal sphere. Alicia didn’t know that FBI was looking for her. Alicia phoned to Tom. She wanted to got planes backward. Tom told he brought planes to Old swimming Hole. Alicia was behind the wall and Tom was coming through the boys’ changing room. There was another man with him.

When he saw that Victoria was here that guy started to shooting to her. The bullet hit the place where she had been standing. Victoria jumped to the water and swam under water. Alicia was appeared there and there was heard a voice of shooting. Alicia was on the floor. Victoria damaged that guy and at the same moment when Tom wanted to shoot to her, voice of teacher stopped him. Agents of FBI were there and Alicia told them all story and than she died. Victoria spent a few days in the prison because FBI wanted to punish her that she didn’t inform FBI where Alicia was.

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