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London and New York

London and New York they have common, that are cosmopolitan, living there a lot of people, are there lot of shops and interesting places.


London is one of those cities that you love and hate at the same time. In London is the mix cultures and nationalities in every street.


In London are people bored, not sociable, not friendly. Taxi drivers here are great, so friendly.


Places in London look like theatres, galleries, museums, consert, wonderful orchestras, Waterloo Bridge, Hauses of Parliament are fantastic and interesting places.


Americans work much longer hours. Work in most important thing in their lives. Free time is really important to the British. In Britain they get more vacation time.


In London is a lot especially the shops, they stay open much longer now. They used to close every Wednesday afternon.


Food is first times when they arrivers terrible. London has some great restaurants (fantastic food is for example Indian food).

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