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A holiday horror story
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This story has happened about 6 years before and it´s one of them you cant forget.

It all begun when I was spending my holiday time with my two friends. They are sisters and that time they lived in a little village near to Senec. Their names are Katka and Lenka. It was a nice holiday. One day we didnt know what to do, so they started to talk me a horror stories about some kind of ghost in their house. About some strange voices and sounds. Of course I didnt believed them. Their parrents went to Bratislava. It was just a dark outside and the weather wasnt very good so we stayed at home. They wanted me to believe the story so we get to a kitchen and put some plate with fruits on the table. I known it isnt real. When it was done we went to our room and make some fun, after hour somebody ringed the bell. Lenka went to take a look, but when she opened the door there was nobody. We came down too and saw nobody in a front of the doors. Another surprise was in the kitchen, the friuts was eaten.

Then we realized that it wasnt just a kid fun with the ring and I sayd that I dont want to spend there another night. I called for my parrents in a moment and told them everithing, of course they didnt believe me.

Katka and Lenka are now living in Bratislava. They left the house as fast as it was possible. They found a job in the city. Now there is their aunt living in that house. When I´ve last time meet them, they told me that the aut dont have a good feeling about the house. I was searching for some informations about that house and I found that some man killed there his wife, childs and himself. If I known it befero I didn go there.
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