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United States of America, Canada, Australia
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Federation of 50 states, 1 capital city- Washington DC world´s strongest power (industrial, technological, agricultural) multicultural society- american nation doesn´t exist

Nationalities: natives minority (Indians)- / imigrants- majority(Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, black people). 1st colony in Jamestown.

Discovered by Columbus in 1492 July the 4th 1776- Declaration of Independence government: head of state is president George Bush- 8 years, 2nd election

senate- liberals, conservatives


Apalachian mountains, Rocky mountains, The Interior plains, Cordilleras; the highest peak is in Alaska- Mt. McKinley 6212 m
rivers: Mississippi, Missouri, Hudson, Colorado, St. Lawrence river
lakes: Great Salt Lake, The Great Lakes (Erie+ Ontario forms The Niagara Falls)
deserts:Great Salt Desert, Mojave desert


Death Valley (-85m), The Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon,Yellowstone national park,Yosemite n.p.,Sequoia n.p., Hawaii, California
Hollywood- centre of cinematography, The Walk of Fame

education: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown

in the present problems with immigrants from Mexico


- the 2nd world´s largest country, thinly inhabited capital city is Ottawa, the largest city is Toronto government: member of Commonwealth; divided into 10 provinces+ 3 teritories population: immigrants mostly from Europe, therefore the official languages are English and French; north american indians, Eskimos geography: Rocky mountains, Mackenzie mountains, St. Lawrence Lowlands; the highest peak is Mt. Logan 6050 m

rivers: St. Lawrence river, Nelson, Columbia ,Yukon, Mackenzie
lakes: Great lakes, Great Bear lake, Great Slave lake, Lake Winnipeg

Things of interest: very popular is ice-hockey;mark of Canada is maple leaf; Grizzly bears;raindeers;national parks: Jasper Banff, Wood Buffalo;Olympic games in 1988 in Calgary

Climate is marine in the East, cold continental in inland, tundra in the North


Is the only continent that is also state and is whole located just in the southern hemosphere

Capital is Canberra (built according to plan);the biggest city is Sydney (opera house)

Part of Commonwealth- in 1770 explored by James Cook and predicated as british colony; firstly settled with British prisoners

Government: head of state is Elisabeth the 2nd- constitutional monarchy with head governor

As first separated from Pangea- unique animals and plants (kangaroos, koala bears, platypus, dingo;eucalyptus)

Population: ancestors of prisoners,immigrants,Aborigines-black people almost killed

People live on the coast,mainland are deserts


Great Dividing Range, Australian Alps (Mt.Kosciusco-2228 m)McDonnel mountains,Ayers Rock- Uluru,the sacred hill of Aborigines

deserts:Great Sandy desert, Great Victorian Desert, Gibson desert, Simpson desert
rivers:Murray, Darling,Fitzroy
lakes: Eyre, Amadeus,Torrens
language: strange accent
Coral Barrier Reef in the northeast

AOTEAROA-The country of the long white cloud, is actually 2 large islands and small one- Stewart Island. Capital is Wellington; official language is English. Independant country, but british dominion- head of state is Queen Elisabeth the 2nd

North Island- volcanic activity (geysers, hot springs, boiling mud). Volcano Riapehu and lake Taupo.The biggest geyser in the world- The Black Water.Most of population lives here- whites(anglo-irish-scotish ancestors); polynesian natives Maoris (10%). Marine climate.

South Island- in the past covered with glaciers- fjords,rivers, lakes (Tekapo). Fjorland national park, Mt.Cook(3764m) national park.Raising of Merino sheeps, production of wool. Islands covered with forests and grasslands.Colder, dryer climate.

typical, endemic animal- Kiwi bird
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