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Midnight is a place
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Midnight is a Place

Genre: Classic Mystery Story
Setting: Midnight Court, city of Blastburn

Character description:

Lucas Bell -is a fourteen-year-old orphan living in Sir Randolph’s derelict house at Midnight Court. He is quiet, withdrawn, always feels alone and dreams about a companion. He soon loses home and has to stand up on his own legs.

Sir Randolph Grimsby -is Lucas’ unpleasant guardian. He owns Midnight Mill- the town’s largest carpet factory. He always yells like a crazy man- without any clear reason. Finally, he commits suicide.

Anna-Marie Murgatroyd -is an eight-year-old orphan. She seems to be unable to deal with the loss of her family. She is spoiled and arrogant.

Julian Oakapple -is a tutor taking care of Lucas and Anna-Marie until he is seriously injured by fire at Midnight Court. He is kind and caring.

Plot summary
Lucas Bell lives his lonely life at depressive Midnight Court with his tutor Mr. Oakapple and guardian Sir Randolph. He spends time learning how to run Midnight Mill and dreaming about a companion. Suddenly into his life comes a little touchy girl named Anna-Marie. In the meantime Sir Randolph has money problems so he chooses to end his own life and burn down his house. Mr. Oakapple is seriously injured and Anna-Marie and Lucas lose home. To pay a rent and Mr. Oakapple's hospital expenses, both kids have to find a job. Lucas collects garbage from the city's sewers full of giant rats and man-eating pigs, while Anna-Marie works in Midnight Mill. When Mr. Oakapple gets better and leaves the hospital, they move to the old ice house near Midnight Court and there they meet lady Murgatroyd- Anna-Marie’s grandmother. Lucas is almost murdered by his homicidal workmate but finally he is saved and they all live together like a family.

Why I choose the book
Because of the title of the book- ‘Midnight is a place’ sounds mysterious.

My reaction
My most favourite part of the book was the very beginning where Joan Aiken only described Lucas’ thoughts of loneliness and hopelessness. However, I did not like the parts with slang language because I did not understand them. I consider Midnight is a place to be the best English book I ever read.
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