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Zentiva is a modern and dynamic pharmaceutical group, specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of branded equivalents. Company is dedicated to improving the quality of human life by offering its products to the general public. Key values are improve and make quality healthcare more accessible. The greatest measure of Zentiva’s success is simple - the improvement of human health. Company is a one of leading pharmaceutical provider in the Central and Eastern European region. Company has over than 70 years of experience in creating high-quality medicines.


In August 2003 ZENTIVA group was formed by the merger of Léčiva and Slovakofarma, the highly prosperous and largest pharmaceutical companies in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Zentiva, a.s. (Praha)

The origins of Zentiva, a.s. (Praha) are in the pharmacy "At the Black Eagle". This pharmacy has written records dating back to as far as 1488. In 1857, the business was bought by Benjamin Fragner. The expansion of the business started his son, Dr. Karel Fragner and in particular his grandson, Dr. Jiri Fragner. In 1928 a new, state-of-the-art pharmaceutical plant was buildin in the village of Dolni Mecholupy. In august 1930 the "Benjamin Fragner" plant began operating. This plant was one of the first in Europe where successfully isolate Penicillin. After nationalization in 1946 the production plant was separated from the pharmacy. The Dolni Mecholupy plant became a part of SPOFA (United Pharmaceutical Plants). In 1979 there was another expansion. By that time, the company had become one of the largest plants offerer large-scale pharmaceutical production in the whole of Central and Eastern Europe. Since 1989, the company has gone through several major changes, along with the growing demands for quality, safety, standardization and consistency in internal corporate processes. In 2000 Léčiva received ISO 14001 certification that means Léčiva is an environmentally managed firm. Nowadays is Léčiva a modern, progressive and dynamic pharmaceutical company.

Zentiva, a.s. (Hlohovec)

In 1941 in Bratislava was established a joint stock company Slovenské Alkaloidy for the production of morphine. The next year the company Slovenské Alkaloidy bought all real estate of former car factory in Hlohovec. On the 1st of January 1950 was established in Hlohovec the independent state enterprise for the production of drugs – Slovakofarma. In 1954 Slovakofarma became part of SPOFA (United Pharmaceutical Plants). It is an organisational structure of the Association of Companies for Pharmaceutical Production. In 1994 the company was privatized and the principal shareholder became S.L. Pharma Holding GmbH Vienna. In 2003 the Zentiva group began and Slovakofarma joined into the pharmaceutical company ZENTIVA. Slovakofarma change name to Zentiva, a.s. Hlohovec.

Company profile

Zentiva is a leader in the Slovak and Czech pharmaceutical markets. It is a modern and dynamic pharmaceutical group specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of branded equivalents. Zentiva belong among the most important pharmaceutical players within the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. Zentiva’s mission is providing high-quality drugs and services which are available to everyone.

The most important markets for the Zentiva group are the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Poland and the Russian Federation. Zentiva also operated in many other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Every day, Zentiva’s medicines and supplements help peolpe live and feel healthier. Zentiva has a wide product range consists of almost 280 products. There are several new products added every year. This products are used in therapeutic areas. Zentiva’s product range includes branded pharmaceutical generics, dietary supplements and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Zentiva’s main objectives in drawing up the portfolio, apart from the continuous implementation of sophisticated and high-level quality drugs, is to exert maximum effort in maintaining production of the other preparations if they are still needed in the market.

Zentiva’s strategy is continuously improve the quality of the offered products and services and improve relationship with consumers. Company use modern communication technologies such as an integrated information system, flexible production planning, internet technologies and e-business solutions and so on to improve customer and partner service. All production plants exceed the European Union’s requirements for pharmaceutical production.


Zentiva is a modern pharmaceutical company markets about 280 preparations in some 550 pharmaceutical presentations. Of these about 180 are sold under prescription and 100 are available as over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and dietary supplements. While Zentiva addresses a large number of therapeutic areas, its primary focus on the treatment of cardiovascular disorders, inflammatory conditions, pain, infections and diseases of the central nervous system and the gastrointestinal and urinary tracts. Zentiva’s product range includes branded pharmaceutical generics, dietary supplements and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Zentiva markets a number of leading and innovative products. In addition to generic drugs, Zentiva also produces cosmetics and pharmaceutical substances.

Zentiva’s main products:

Citalec – First antidepressant branded equivalent in the world containing citalopram.
Helicid – One of the leading antiulcerants in several CEE markets.
Ibalgin – Zentiva’s best selling and market-leading brand.
Rispen – First antipsychotic branded equivalent in the Czech Republic containing risperidon.
Simvacard – leading statin brabded equivalent in the Czech Republic.
Calibrum – Advanced dietary supplement, available in forms targeting different age groups.
Paralen – Best selling paracetamol-based product in the Czech Republic.
Tralgit – Ana;gestic for the relief of moderate to acute pain.
Agapurin – A preparation improving blood circulation; from the xantin derivates group.
Veral – A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs).
Acylpirin – Widespread preparation which appease pain and fever.
Celascon – A best selling vitamin C supplement.


The main objective of the new company, Zentiva, was strong expansion on neighbouring markets. The company‘s business aim is provide high-quality pharmaceuticals and services that are available to everyone to improve the quality of life – not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia but also on the attractive Polish market, in Russia, the Baltic countries and Ukraine.
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