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A bank [bæŋk] is a business which provides financial services for profit.

The name bank derives from the Italian word banco, desk, used during the Renaissance by Florentines bankers, who used to make their transactions above a desk covered by a green tablecloth.

Traditional banking services include receiving deposits of money, lending money and processing transactions.

Some banks (called Banks of issue) issue banknotes as legal tender. Many banks offer ancillary financial services to make additional profit; for example: selling insurance products, investment products or stock broking.

Currently in most jurisdictions the business of banking is regulated and banks require permission to trade. Authorization to trade is granted by bank regulatory authorities and provide rights to conduct the most fundamental banking services such as accepting deposits and making loans. There are also financial institutions that provide banking services without meeting the legal definition of a bank (see banking institutions).

Banks have a long history, and have influenced economies and politics for centuries.

Traditionally, a bank generates profits from transaction fees on financial services and from the interest it charges for lending. In recent history, with historically low interest rates limiting banks' ability to earn money by lending deposited funds, much of a bank's income is provided by overdraft fees and riskier investments.

Services typically offered by banks

Although the basic type of services offered by a bank depends upon the type of bank and the country, services provided usually include:

•Taking deposits from their customers and issuing checking and savings accounts to individuals and businesses
•Extending loans to individuals and businesses
•Cashing cheques
•Issuing credit cards and debit cards
•Storing valuables, particularly in a safe deposit box
•Cashing and distributing bank rolls
•Consumer & commercial financial advisory services
•Pension & retirement planning

Financial transactions can be performed through many different channels:

•Telephone banking
•Online banking

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