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Very similar kind of book is THRILLER , the story can be about the crime to, but it need be a murder but I think in thriller we can see better the character of the heroes.
In ADVENTURE BOOK is story usually about traveling and discovering new places, or about interesting places in our planet, there can be one or more heroes.
BIOGRAPHY-it is exactly a descriptions of the live of some, usually famous person, for example actor, sportsman, politician, governor and when author write about himself, it called AUTHOBIOGRAPHY.
FAIRY-TALE- it is made-up stories for children and already from the begining is clear, who is bad and who is good. Hero can be gueen, king magician, dragon or some supernatural feature. In the end of course the good defets the evil.
At first sight is FABLE very similar with fairy-tale, but there is one big contrast, heroes of the story are animals and they acts as people. Each animal representative some character of people, bad or good. For example a fox representative smart people. It is usually short story and in the end is a point, it is some instuction for each of us and our life.
The last part of non-fiction literature are books for educacion, and at first it si ENCYCLOPEDIA, there can we find some special knowledge. Compared with the other book, encyclopedia ha got special form, there is many small texts with explanations, drowings, photographs and pictures. Secondly it is TEXT BOOK-itś used mainly for study, it can be for study languages, maths, geography and so on. .
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