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Literature is set of texts, which have some social account. Text is written for intentiont to be impart to next generation. Today is literary work noting by writ, but i n times, when writ didn´t exist, the literary work was shed as a rumour, and today is known only how someone wrote down it later. And so, these legends and historical facts became to section of literature. Literature has of course many functions: at first it is mainly social function, as education, enjoyment, seconly –economy function - when publisher distribute a good book it can bring money, because when the book became to be a bestseller, a film companies want to make a film, based on the book.
For me is literature mainly knowledge source, because I haven´t so much free time to read, so when I read some book, it is only in the tram or in the bus. I think that for our generation is many times more exciting to see some film based on book, but don´t read the book, because you must spent much time by reading than see a film. But I must admit, that it is sometimes my case too, but from time to time some film, inpire me to read the book, and than I´m very surprissed that the book was better than film and the film was only an outline of the book. And after I appreciate that I should read more. Literature can be divided according action and style of writting on some parts. A FICTION literature is made-up story, it can be for example SCIENCE FICTION book, story is often about new technical invention, future, traveling in time, AI, about visitors from space. Story is based on actuality scientific knowledges. Famous authors of this kind of literature was Verne or Ray Bradbury.
A NON-FICTION literature is POETRY, it is written normal speach, or PROSE it is short story written in rhymes, where can we see mainly authorś view on the story he wrote and sometimes we must think about the story and try to understand the author and what he want to say. The next part of non-fiction literature is DETECTIVE STORY- in the begining of the story is reader a witness of commission the crime, and reader know or don´t know, who is the murder. And than the whole story is about people, who saw the crime, or someone who commission the murder, or about the detective, who investigate the crime.
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