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William Somerset Maugham The Vessel of Wrath
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Structure of the work
a) division into: none
b) itroduction:
social setting: -
geographical setting: Baru, Alas Islands, Dutch New Guinea
historical setting: not determinable
c) initial incident:
Ginger Ted is often drunk bad scamp. Miss Jones doesn’t like him and problem begins, when she has to travel by launch with him.
d) climax:
The story culminates, when miss Jones falls asleep and the next morning she realises that Ginger Ted didn’t do anything bad to her, as she expected. He turns out to be good.
7. Account for the title and/or subtitle and their relevance to the work:
I don’t know, so fucking what.
8. Themes of the work:
- change of a bad man
- misjudgement of people, that look possibly bad
- life in the small villages on the islands
9. Subject-matter:
Change of Ginger Ted from ever drunk scamp to good husband.
10. Characters:
a) Mention the main characters and describe them briefly:
Mr Gruyter (Contrôleur):
He is the most respected person in the islands. He is judge. He becomes between the few white persons there. He is very racional. But he likes humor likes to laugh. He likes drinking with friends.
Mr Jones (Reverend Owen Jones):
The missionary. He is on the islands to spread the belief among the pagans. He converts them to Christianity. He is also the only doctor there. According to Mr Gruyter he was narrow-minded and dogmatic, but honest, zealous and good.
Miss Jones (Martha Jones):
Sister of Mr Jones. She is missionary too. She is nurse, helps her brother. She was very conscientious, quick, resourceful and competent. She didn’t look as she was forty. She looked young. She was tall, and very flimsy. According to Mr Gruyter she had no sense of humour.
Ginger Ted (Edward Wilson):
He drinks a lot and whe he is drunk he does trouble. He likes women and for unknown reason women like him. But he just use them for fun. He hasn’t permanent one. Many people hate him. In their eyes he is bad scamp. He is very strong, and doesn’t problem to fight against more than one man. He doesn’t work. Every month, he gets a letter with money that somebody sends him for not being in his presence (remittance money).
b) Mention the important minor characters and describe them briefly:
11. The way the story is told: third person narration
12. Types of language used:
author: informal language
dialogues of the characters: slang, dialect, everyday language
13. Review:
I liked this story very much. I didn’t do any special selections while choosing the short story to read. But I am very satisfied. It was very nice story. I would like to see the film which was made according to it. I didn’t know the author before. It was hard to find something about him on the internet.
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