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William Somerset Maugham The Vessel of Wrath
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She objected but in vain. The launch landed and men started to put out things. She took her scalpel with her. They lighted a fire and continued to drink. She was afraid of them, mostly of Ginger Ted. She knew that he was very strong and he could do what he wanted with her. She was afraid that he would outrage her. She went away from them. But she was afraid to go too far to the forest. She sat behind the rock so they couldn’t see her and she could watch them. She watched them for very long time, until they fell asleep, but Ginger Ted was still awake. Then she suddenly fell asleep. When she woke up, she realised that she is covered by two empty sacks. A horrible thought flashed through her mind that he had outraged her in the sleep. But she realised, that it was impossible. He had spared her. When she came to the group, Ginger offered her breakfast, but she couldn’t look at him, because she felt terribly red and ashamed. She thought that she would sink into the ground with shame. That evening, having been official released, Ginger Ted went to the Contrôleur’s house. But he didn’t want to kill him anymore. Mr Gruyter offered him a glass of beer. Then he gave him the money, which he kept for him. Suddenly, Mr Jones came to Mr Gruyter’s house, shook Ginger’s hand and told to him that he thanks him that he didn’t outrage his sister, that he did a noble thing and that he misjudged him in the past. Then he left. Mr Gruyter began to laugh. At first Ginger Ted didn’t understand what to hell was the Reverend saying. Then he became terribly angry. At the end of his swearing, he told that he would never touch that ugly old cow, and that that was an terrible insult. Mr Gruyter told him that he could go and get drunk. But if he gets into mischief it will be twelve months next time. Ginger Ted then remained drunk for a week. Mr Jones came to Mr Gruyter and told him that he shouldn’t have given him all money at once, but Mr Gruyter said that it was his money and he had to give it to him. Mr Jones told him the story, what happened on the island and that his sister and he is very moved by how Ginger Ted behaved. They wanted to do something for him. Few days after, they invited him for dinner. He didn’t want to go. He said that he doesn’t have any suitable clothes. Two days later, a parcel, with some clothing and other things mysteriously arrived. After a while miss Jones asked Mr Gruyter to come to the supper and take Ginger Ted with him. She asked him to persuade Ginger to come.
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