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William Somerset Maugham The Vessel of Wrath
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Then he came to Ginger’s house and asked him if he heard from miss Jones recently. He gave him a letter, where she wrote him, that Mr Gruyter is coming too. Mr Gruyter noticed that she anticipated the truth a little. Finally, Mr Gruyter persuaded him to go. He told him that there will be alcohol too. But in the day of the visit, Ginger Ted was dead drunk and Mr Gruyter had to go alone. From this time Ginger Ted began to drink more heavily then ever. He was so troublesome that even Mr Gruyter lost his patience with him. He decided to deport him on the next boat that would touch Baru. But suddenly a great epidemic of cholera spread. Mr Gruyter had to order some instructions to eliminate it. Inhabitants of the verious villages on the islands had to be forced to take proper precautinons. It was necessary to send around people to give orders and make sure that they were carried out. Mr Jones couldn’t go because he was needed on the island. Mr Gruyter had some duties too. Miss Jones had to go, but they didn’t want to let her to go alone. She said, that she wants Ginger Ted to come with her. He can communicate with natives and he can easily force the rules. When they called him, at first, he didn’t want to go. But finally, miss Jones persuaded him. They worked for four months to eliminate cholera totally. Mr Gruyter was busy too, he had to distribude medicine and food and supervise everything. He didn’t see Ginger Ted all this time. After this period Ginger Ted came to see him. Mr Gruyter offered him a beer. Ginger said that he doesn’t want it. But Mr Gruyter was even more shocked when Ginger Ted told him, that he is going to be married with miss Jones. Mr Gruyter wasn’t very happy about it. He warned him that he would make him into missionary. Ginger told him that he became Christian. Finally, Mr Gruyter offered him a help with escaping from marriage, but Ginger didn’t want to do it. Mr Gruyter wasn’t happy, because Ginger, the drunken scamp, was his only companion at the islands and he didn’t want to lose him. Next day, he went to Mr Jones to tell him what is his sister going to do. But Mr Jones told him that he would let her do what she wants. Finally he went to see miss Jones and congratulate her. She told him that it is the God what joined them together and that they are going to honeymoon on the little island which they stayed on through the night. It was first time there, she realised how good Ginger is. Mr Gruyter was never so shocked in his life.
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