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Personal Letter - Family party
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Hi Sam,

Sorry I hadn’t written earlier but I was quite busy last week. My grandma had 70th birthday and we were preparing her a birthday party. About 40 people were invited. But it was a big party. It was more like big family gathering plus few family friends. Preparations took us a lot of time but I think it was worth it. Grandma was delighted and everybody was having a great time.

We started at noon with congratulations; some people couldn’t wait until it was finished. You know, when you have 40 people just saying few warm words it takes some time. Till everybody was finished grandma found herself crying. But from happiness. Then we had a big dinner with 4 courses and then it came to usual party activities like drinking and talking. Kids were playing and dancing. Nothing special. At least I had a nice chat with my cousins who studies at university so we don’t meet as often as we were used to.

Usually I don’t like such parties because I have to be formally dressed. But this time it was for my grandma, so I can make an exception from time to time can’t I?

Have a nice day

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