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My best friend
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My best friend’s name is Ondrej. I think we are quite good friends. I have never forgotten on his birthday and he always remembers mine. He is fourteen years old like me but I am older. We both have brown eyes and brown hair, but Ondrej is taller and he wears glasses.

We’ve been friends since we were 6 years old.We were classmates for 4 years. It was five years ago, because in nineteen-ninety-nine I took an exam to eight year high school and I have passed it. He has stayed on nine year primary school and he is leaving it this year. Ondrej wants to study on the same school as me. But when he will be in first class I will be in second year. Because of this and because of busy program that we both have we can’t meet during the workweek. So we meet each other only at weekends. When we meet we usually play chess or table tennis at his place. During the play we chat about our news and problems in school and similarly. Sometimes, if it’s good film in cinema we go to see it. I usually spend a lot of time with him during the holidays. Last year I was with his family at New Year in cottage for few days. This year in summer we were in one hotel which one of his family’s friends owns. Because we had our sleeping bags with us we decided to camp in forest outside of hotel. I have very nice experiences of it. I especially remember that we couldn’t light a fire because of wet wood.

At the other time we go to my house to play some computer games because Ondrej has only his father’s notebook which is not good for games, but his knowledge in computers are quite poor. But he has other interesting hobbies. He plays the violoncello. He also plays tennis and golf. He says that tennis is boring for him, but he loves playing golf. He is always happy when he goes to play it with his father. He has a green card which allows him to play on all golf courses in Slovakia.

What is interesting about us is that we never argue. It may seems strange but it is truth. I think it may be caused by that we don’t see each other whole the week except weekends so we are looking forward on ourselves.
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