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The Kidnapping
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Mr. Jones was one of the lucky men that have sense for money. He had made a fortune by the time he was forty.

He already had enough money to retire immediately but he kept working for a big international company as a commercial manager. It was one of the usual 9 to 5 days when his telephone rang. It was his secretary, telling him that there had been a strange man on the line. The voice in the phone informed him that his daughter had been kidnapped and kidnapper asked $1,000,000 in exchange for her safety. Mr. Jones had immediately taken all the money from company safe and left the office. But he also took one thing he used to keep in a locked drawer in his table. It was a 9mm gun. While he was walking along the street he kept looking over his shoulder. After a short walk he turned into dead-end street.

There had been 2 persons already waiting for him. Just as they drew their guns he recognized his daughter in the second person that had been aiming at him He managed to pull out his gun, shoot the man and to force his daughter to hand over her gun.
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