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The Couple that I know very well
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Their names are Milan and Maria. I stayed with them for 3 months in Canada so I had great opportunity to know them better.

I had met Milan before I met Maria. Milan was born in Slovakia. After he had finished his university studies he moved to Canada. There he met Maria. She was born in Canada but her parents are from Italy. She used to speak Italian until she started to attend preschool. They met each other 12 years ago at a party. At that time they both were 25, but I don’t have any closer information about the day when they met. I only know that they started going out straight away. Both of their parents couldn’t complain about their selection of the partner because Milan’s father lives in Slovakia and Maria’s parents just didn’t mind. Milan attracted Maria because he used to do a lot of sports and he was architect at that time.

The thing he liked about Maria was that she was witty, pretty and she didn’t care about his Slovak accent. Milan now runs his own business and Maria is at home with children. I saw them 2 weeks ago when I was leaving Canada.
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