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When else are working, minister Liška is playing

I just read an article that confirms fact that anything is possible in Slovakia. Our minister of defense regularly plays golf for couple of hours during the workdays. In time, when everybody on department of defense is working, news television TA 3 found minister playing golf on golf course in Bernolákovo near Bratislava. Reporter of TA 3 got information that minister goes there shortly after noon three or four times a week. Reporter of TA 3 Martin Linhart with his cameraman managed to film playing minister, who refused to talk with reporter. Shortly after this reporter was ordered to leave the course by its owner because it’s private area.

Reporter called to department of defense with question where Juraj Liška is because he needs to talk with him. On the press department he was told that minister was on a conference. Then the reporter called second time and asked them why they were telling lies because minister isn’t on conference but he is hitting balls on golf course. The only reaction of minister’s spokesman was that minister doesn’t have given working time so if he has time he engages in his hobbies. He added that doctor recommended golf to minister due it is good for his backbone.
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