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Leisure time – Hobbies
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People can spend their free time different ways. Most people have one or more hobbies to spend their free time. Hobbies are different activities to relax or to develop our personalities.

Some hobbies can be very useful , for example gardening , cooking or handwork. You can collect stamps , coins , telephone cards , badges or posters as your hobby . There are some educational hobbies like learning languages or reading books . Some people spend their free time with doing sport , for example football , hockey , tennis , basketball and many others . Some children have  the same hobbies like their parents and it is called family tradition. My hobby is handball . It is very interesting and fast game . There are two teams in one match . Every team has six players plus goalkeeper. One match is played for one hour. Match is split on two halftimes and there is one brake between them.

I prefer also another activities like computer , hiking and reading books. I am very interested in programming on computer and I spend a lot of my free time with sitting in front my computer. Hiking is my secondary hobby and I do it at weekends. I usually go hiking with my parents or with my friends. There are many interesting places to visit , for example Slovak Paradise , High Tatras and Small Fatra.
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