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Ashley´s camera

It was 12 June-Ashley Simpson’s birthday’s soon as he got up he opened his present, there was a camera and some money.He ate his breakfast quickly and left home.He wanted to try out his new camera.He went to the chemist´s and bought a film, he met Stephani and Yvette.

Ashley snapped the girls in front of the sports shop.the bookshop,the record shop and Yorkshire bank.Went the girls left Ashley looked round for something else to snap.There was a dog next to the bank.Sudennly the door of the bank opened and two men came out.They were carrying a bag.He finished the film and took it back to the chemist´s shop for developing.When he arrived home.He switched on the radio and took out his photographs.The police were looking for two men...Sudenly someone knocked at the front door.Ashley looked out of window.At the door was one of the men in his photographs.He decided to phone the police.

He picked up the phone and dialled 999,but phone was ded!Ashley decided to escape.Out of the back door,but the man was standing outside the back door and Ashley and he pushed the man hard.The man fell backwards,and Ashley turned to run!!!!

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