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What is Microsoft Excel?
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This is the last line before the document window. It displays information entered or about to be entered in a cell and gives the address location of that cell. Cell editing can also be done on this formula bar. The active cell position is indicated on the far left end of the Formula bar ... more about this later.
Status Bar

Displays information about the current state of the program. This feature is located at the very bottom of the document window. The user is provided information about what Excel is doing. Examples are Ready when Excel will accept new entries or Edit if you are editing a cell.

Document/Workbook Window

This is the window where the spreadsheet information will appear. If this window is not maximized, the top of this window also contains a document title bar which will display the filename. Below the title bar is a grid matrix area where information will be displayed or entered. There is a vertical scroll bar on the right margin, a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom right, and sheet tab controls at the bottom left. Each of these items is listed and described below.
Title Bar

This will only appear if the document window is not maximized. It displays the workbook (file) name. The name on a blank application would be Book1, Book2, etc., depending on how many windows are open. You can click on this title bar and drag it to move the window. The control menu box is at the left end and the minimize and maximize buttons are on the right end.
Workbook Page
Contains the grid matrix of cells where the spreadsheet information will be entered or found. The column headings are referenced by alphabetic characters and the rows are referenced by numbers found on the left. The area where the column letters and row numbers are found is called the frame.

Scroll Bars
The scroll bars are used to view different parts of the spreadsheet. You use the vertical scroll bar at the right margin to move vertically or the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom right to move horizontally.
Sheet Tabs and Scrolling Buttons
Tabs appear at the bottom of the document window with names of Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3, etc. You can go to another sheet by clicking on a different tab. Also, the scrolling buttons appear to the left of the tabs; they allow to scroll more quickly through the sheets.

Basic Terms and Definitions
These are additional terms you need to know:
This is the basic unit of the spreadsheet. It is a location that can contain information and is most often defined by its column and row address. For example C6 represents a cell in the third column (column C) and sixth row. The naming convention for a cell reference is the alphabetic column letter position followed by the row number. C6 is correct but 6C is incorrect. You may use either lower or upper case letters when referencing a column.

Active Cell or Selected Cell
The cell which has the dark border around it is the active cell. This is the cell that can be acted upon and indicates where the insertion point is located. You can select a new active cell by using the keyboard's arrow keys or clicking on a new cell with the mouse. You can also use keys like [PageDown] and [PageUp] and [Home] to change the active cell location.

A group of adjacent cells forming a rectangle is called a block. It is defined by the addresses of the two cells that are in the opposite corners of the rectangle block area, from the top left cell in the block to the bottom right cell in the block. A block of cells can be marked by using the mouse or by holding down the shift key and using the arrow keys. Once a block is defined, you can do many things with that block such as move it, copy it, delete it, or alter the display of its contents with formatting options.
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