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The smallest state of European Union state system:parlamentary republic number of the population:379000 memberships:Counsel of Europe,Commonwealth density of population:1200km² extent:316km² offical language:Maltese language religion:catholic-99℅ capital city:La Valletta Maltese republic accede to EU in 2004.In 1989 were here metting 2 presidents:Georg Bush senior and Michail Gorbačov,that gave dot behind cold war.History of Malta ist lasting long time..........

Some monument are here soon nine millennium.In summer are going in Malta a lot of visitans.You can here:to attend a course of English,because English is here second national language,discoteque of Eden in St.Julian and trips on submarines and ships.Archipelago are making from three islands:Malta,Gozo and Comino. Historical monuments Malta lured person immemorial.Scientists are sustainig:,,People colonized this corner world in neolit.Oldest places had seven and half millennium.Initially their stayed forty,but today are their only twenty.Curiosity are tracks in stone floor.Malta is from lime stone and on the island are a lot of caves with carst decoration. Crossroad nation First nation on Malta were Phoenician.Then Cartaginians,Romans,Byzantins,Arabs and Normans.

After the Normans got Malta under Spanish crown.Spanish king in 1530 got island order St.John they are Maltese knights.Their knights comes from Europe aristocrates family eight nationality:eight-corner maltese cross.In 19th century Malta happened British colony. Separateness obtained in 1964.Malta stayed a republic in 1974. Old and new metropolis Capital city in Middle Ages was Mdina.It is oldest city on the island.Phoenician founded Mdina before three millennium.Mdiny captured Romans and change the name of Melita-name of island Malta.In the city are Cathedral St.Paul and palisades with view on the island.In sixteen century guidance moved to new city La Valletta-called grand master order St.John De La Valletta.

La Valletta is capital city today.In the city are temple St.John and palace grand master.Palace is residence maltese parlament and president republic. What are Maltese doing ? Pople feed industry/mode of production hemical,electrotechnics,food-stuffs, textiles/, agricultural/wheat,barley,potatoes,fruit/,fishing and tourism.Person can go on the Malta at any moment.
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