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About film - South Park
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I’ll write about film SOUTH PARK. It is also TV serial. It’s animated film for adults. But the adults don’t like this film or serial. South Park like just teenagers. But why? Because it’s animated anarchy! We (the younger) like when is someone doing fun from serious things or people (for example Jesus or Saddam Husajn). The main actors of the film are: CARTMAN, KENNY, KYLE, STAN, WENDY and lot of more children. They’re mission is to rescue world before SATAN & SADDAM HUSAJN. They want to take control over the World. But Stan and the others had to stop that.

I like films and serials in which can I found black humour. I am watching TV serial SP so I was surprised with film, which is longer. It was great. So much funny dialogues, black humour, satire and of course vulgar words were in this film. From these reasons I advise South Park just for people with strong stomach.
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