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Family and family life
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My name is Nováčka Nováková. I was born on 13th October 1923 in Bratislava. My parents were both born in 1959. My mother works as a lawyer and my father is a manager. I have no brother or sister.

At first we lived in Bratislava´s Lamač and here I used to go to infant school. In 1993 we moved to Ružinov, where I am living up to this day. My residence is M. Marečka 26, Bratislava.

In september 1994 I began to study elementary school ZŠ a G Hronecká. In 1998 i went on Gymnázium Hronecká, to the Prima class. In 2002 I change to Gymnázium Jura Hronca at Novohradská street, it is the same building.
Now I am studying the last year of this high school and in may i will have a final exams. Then I want to study Veterinary in Czech republic or Medicine here in Bratislava.

Between my hobbies belong my two dogs. Walk the dogs is my favourite activity. In my free time I also read books or listen music. And during the weekends I enjoy clubbing with my friends.


I have no brother or sister.

  • MY MOTHER is 46 years old and she is 175 cm tall and she has short, brown and wavy hair. Her eyes are big and green like my eyes. She is medium built. She usually wears a long black jacket in the winter. She use to wear a smooth clothes , because she must look good and polite, she is a lawyer.

    She is very friendly, grateful and kind. She likes reading books in her free time. She
    usually walks my dogs and she likes them. I have never seen her shouting. She´s
    favourite motto is: „Where there is a will there is a way“ (kde je vôľa, tam je cesta)
  • MY FATHER is 46 years old and he is 185 cm tall. He is well-built and he has a short brown hair.
    He wears glasses and his eyes are green as my eyes. He usually wears a suit with some tie.
    He works like a manager.

In his free time he likes to play poker and „mariáš“ with his friends. Sometimes he used to go
fishing, but now he haven´t time for his hobbies. He has a lot of work. He is friendly like my
mother and he likes entertaiment. He has a lot of friends. He is very favourite, because he is


(Let´s imagine)
-Your mother and your father are your parents. They have parents too. Their parents are your grandparents- grandmother and grandfather.

If your parent have a brother or a sister, he or she is your uncle or aunt. If your uncle
or aunt have children, they are your cousins.
In some cases your mum or dad can find another partner. If your mum have a child
with another man, that child is your step sister or step brother.
If you found a partner and if you married him, his mother is your mother-in-law. And
partner´s father is your father-in-law.

  • Woman should look after the household. I think so. Man should concentrate on „works for men“, like drilling, repairing something, etc. Works for women might be: cooking, baking, cleaning, washing and so on. But bring up the children should do both of them, man and woman too.
  • Common day in common family looks like this:
    In the morning each member of the family wake up and they have both the breakfast. Then everybody go to work or to school. Father is usually the driver. Then, after work and school, they have a lunch. After the lunch each member of the family can do what he want. Children can play in the garden, study, etc. And parents often watch TV or read books or do something in the garden. Or they can just relax, they can be tired. Then, about 6 o´clock, mother cook dinner. At dinner everybody say what he has seen during the day. After the dinner they usually just watch TV and then they get asleep.
  • Celebrations are an important events for all family. Mother cook a cake, buy some vine and arrange some decoration, like „Marry X-mas“ and so on. All family have a smooth clothes and they usually use candles. Children enjoy celebrations at much. You can celebrate birthday, nameday, in US Thanksgiving day, but you can celebrate each your suc


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