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Culture and art
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In towns there are more possibilities of culture as in the countryside. For example let´s compare the capital of Slovakia-Bratislava and some villages.

  • In Bratislava there are many museums (for example Museum of Natural History, and the most popular Slovak national museum at Vajanského nábrežie)
  • In Bratislava there are many galleries of fine art, for example National Gallery in Bratislava. In those picture galleries you can see some pictures, images, portraits, landscapes, and so on. You can also visit the Sculpture gallery where you can find various sculptures, for example human bodies, faces, ...
  • In towns there are some theatres, cinemas and places when you can meet with performing arts
  • But in towns there are no festivals. There is no place for festival. I like festivals and every summer I must travel to the countryside to enjoy some festival.
  • Possibilities of culture in towns are pretty expensive, but they are more various and sometimes better than in the countryside
  • In the countryside there are many castles. Of course, there is Bratislava´s castle in our capital, but summary in Slovakia there is many castles on the moutains. For example Orava´s castle, Betliar, Smolenice´s castle,...
  • In the countryside you can find OPEN-AIR MUSEUM („skanzen“)- for example Vlkolínec.


I love music. My favourite genre is punk. This music have energy and gives power. I have many favourite bands, for example Angelic Upstarts.
I like all genres of literature, but without poetry.
I like portraits. It can show each part of human face and it is very amazing.


Everybody has ever visited some cultural event. The most frequently cultural place is cinema, I think. To the cultural place can go family, friends or boyfriend with his girlfriend.

Before visiting cinema each young girl choose nice clothes and make her hair. Boy often buy a popcorn or some chrisps and some coke.

Before visiting theatre each person choose a smart clothes and make himself up.
You can visit a museum or gallery, where nobody cares how do you look like.
Each cultural event costs money. For example, cinema in Aupark costs something about 140,- per one person. Theatres are more expensive. I have seen musical Hair and it costed 500,-
I do not visit galleries. But I like museums, but just natural characters,for example Museum of natural history.

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