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English literature from beginings to 18. century
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Development of the novel

  1. literary influences
    -biographies – saints, other important people
  2. other influences
    -rising of the middle class

-comedies of manner
-picaresque convention
-travel literature
-letter writing

Samuel Richardson (1689 – 1761)

-professional printer, novel writer
-he liked to help young woman to compose their love letters
-he was asked to publish a series of model love-letters and he did it in a novel :

  • Pamela or Virtue Rewarded
  • Clarissa Harlowe about a young lady which seeks help from Lovelace, handsome but unscrupulous young man
  • Sir Charles Grandison - 3rd novel

Henry Fielding (1707 – 1754)

-he was novel writer
-he started to use term PICARESQUE, term originally applicable only to novels in which the leading character is a rogue, the place is on the road, on a journey, in which low-life characters appear

  • Joseph Andrew
  • Jonathan Wild – is truly picaresque
  • Tom Jones – is his masterpiece, mock – epic style, the novel introduces a rich variety of characters, contains certain moral observation, has an acceptable philosophy, concerned with reform of the law. It is novel full of humor, god sense, and vivid characterization.

Laurence Sterne ( 1713 – 1768)

  • his novel Tristram Shandy breaks al the rules, even in language and punctuation, the plot is disorganized so despite the length of the book nobody gets anywhere, nothing really happens
  • he hinder the development of the story by long piece of Latin (with translation on the opposite page), blank sheets, page with marbled design, collection of small stars – anything to obstruct the story


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