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New Zealand

New Zealand is situated in two large islands (Nord Island and South Island) and many smaller islands in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. This country is known as the Land of the Long White Could. New Zealand has beautiful landscapes, old forests, bays, nice beaches...


New Zealand land area is 268 680 square kilometres. It´s a little less that of Italy or Japan. Coastline is 15 thousands km long. South Island si largest and it is more moutainous. There are South Aplps with the highest peak Mount Cook at 3754 metres. North Island is marked by volcanism. Active volcano Mount Ruapehu is at the sime time the tallest moutain of Nord Island.


Nord Island has a more warm climate because there is quite a lot of volcanic activity. South Island is cooler and has a higher rainfall. The average temperature in January (summer) is 23,4 °C and in July (winter) it is 7,8 °C.

The people

There is about four milion people. The capital city is Wellington, but the biggest ist Auckland. Around 9% population are Maoris who came from Polynesia in the 13th and 14 th centuries. Two official languages in the country are English and Maoris.


New Zealand has modern and prosperous economy, but more important is agriculture. There are 55 milion sheeps, 8 milion cows and 1 milion goats in New Zealand.


Sport has a major role in New Zealand. Beautiful beaches are perfect for sailing, fishing, diving and other watersports. Most famous is the national rugby team. They have the best winning record of any national team. They won Rugby world cup in 1987 and they will host the 2011 Rugby world cup. Other popular sports including cricket, soccer, golf, tennis, surfing, whitewater kayaking. Winter sports like skiing and snowboarding are also popular.


It is situated on North Island. Because there is a seaport, Auckland is centre for bussines and industry. His history goes 650 years back when the Maoris settled in this area. In 1840 began arrived the British. First New Zealand´s governor made Auckland the capital, but later it moved to Wellington, because it was more central. Auckland has grown since 1945 and now it has large moder suburb. Auckland was the centre of protest against nuclear testing in the Pacific because whole country was in 1985 declaration like nuclear free zone. In Auckland we can invite Parnell Village, first European´s home, Auckland Domain whitch is famous for its large palm trees and exotic plants, or Auckland Museum where you can see Maoris perform their traditional dancers.

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