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Influence of medium on our life
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Nowadays we have known a lot of sort medium, look like allowing television, internal, satellite.

The Oldest form medium they are newspaper and magazines. The First newspaper depute in 17. century, when she was invention letterpress. In Slovakia is well-known a lot of news look like Truth, Sme and tabloid as the New Date. Everybody brings new information according look like recognize behind appropriated. It’s not very important whether they are just truthful or no. Readers need some sensation.

Next form medium is television. He Offered infinite quantity programs, from those give a lot of information. Television look like a message source too isn't reliable and redundant prove influence man on-merely, that proofless sober considered and play the fool. Medium has manipulated on children and young. On children manipulate different fairy tale. Nowadays they are packed force and cruelty and little children still unwitting differentiate which they can and which no.

Be one single case when little boy in America, which was on-merely manipulated with Pokemon. He thought that he has facilities as a Pokemon and jump up from 12 floors.

Next form medium is internet. It is already on-merely wide-spread, that I toward he get nothing short of everybody, who know at least a bit handling of computer. On internet find everything which need. Be actual but also noxious. Noxious is therein, that prove cause dependence. It is one case of single man, which myself don't know from internet move, so near he perform everything requisites, he forgot walk to jobs, in successive steps stop eating. Once Internet stopped and he got shock.
Media generally influence on big mass people. I Confess, that too I am little dependent from internet, but once again no to such measure, that kick around everything others.
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