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Art and Culture
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Art and Culture

Art is creation of something aesthetically pleasing. Art is as old as humanity. Art is important to people because it educates, entertains, stimulates the imagination and tries to make the viewer understand some of the emotions
Some kinds of art are literature which includes novels, short stories, biographies, drama and poetry and performing arts by dance, opera, cinema, theatre etc. and fine arts, architecture and ceramics, modern arts which includes graffiti and computer graphics. Performing arts are represented by modern dance, ballet and concerts, rock, classical, country and western music. Fine arts refer to painting and sculpture. We often also include architecture and ceramics within the arts.
Literature is very interesting kinds of art. People who make literature exactly write it are writer, author, novelist and poet. They write many of kind’s literature. The most of writer write novel romantic or historical, short story or detective story, biography, autobiography and science fiction. Poet generally writes poetry and songs. Literature is not interesting for me. I do not like read literature and I read a little of books in my life. I had never written any literary work except my school literature homework. I do not gift for this kinds of art.
Dance is specific kinds of art. It is include many sorts of dance look like ballet, square dancing and folk dance. Dancers dance in ballroom and theatre with partner. Many people like dance and dance in dance clubs and do this art for pleasure and I like dance too but I can not do it right. I think it is sometimes very funny.
Opera is not known for me. I do not like opera and it is strange for me. But people like opera and go to presentation. Many actors sing and run on stage in period custume. Opera was popular in olden centuries but not now.
Theatre is alike than opera. But actors do not sing on stage and do more action.
Movie is one of new kinds of art. Now it is more business than art. Actors have big rates and are very famous. We can see movie in cinema or in TV. A cinema is popular for young people. They go to cinema with they friends and see horror film, comedy, science fiction movie, thriller, western, war film, action movie or road movie. In movie we find soundtrack it is music for movie. Some movie has subtitles when is sale in abroad. Movie is easy consuming art. I like movie and TV and watch it every day.
Fine arts are architecture and sculpture. Sculptor and architect do art than your profession. They get paid to do a art and they often get much money. It is very required product. I think it is interesting art and its product is lovely sometimes.
Music is very variety kind of art. We can hear classical, popular, jazz, rock, country, western, orchestra and choir. Music is represents in festival, concert hall or jazz club. I think music is very good art and it is easy clear for every one.
My favourite art is music. I like Slovak underground music because I understand it but I like Depeche Mode too. I like to go to open air concert in summer. There is very good live music. It is better then music from CD player. Depeche Mode is older then I. It is twenty four years old and it is British group. It is come from Essex in England. Now in this group are three people singer Dave Gahan, musician Martin Lee Gore and mental power of group Andrew John Fletcher. Dave, when he vas in teenage years was a „punk“ but he never has done this music professionally. When his glory grew up he became depending on drugs and alcohol. He has two children a boy and a girl. It is very good group with super music synthesizers.
Possibility when we can consume art in my city is not very good. We have cinema where you watch movie but variety of movie menu is not very well. We have theatre. However, is not often use than theatre. We have museum and gallery. In our museum is the same exposition for more years. In our gallery is sometime exhibition by unknown artist.
Last I visited open air rock concert. It was very good experience because I had much more fun than in a night club. People were dancing and shouting. There was very good beer and live music. There was performing popular rock band. People like this kinds of art. I bought ticket from my friend who sells tickets for concerts. Art as open air concert is not safe for children. However they like this event when is appears in their city. Music plays so loud and hard and that is not for young children.
Festivals are other kind of concerts. At festivals is performer more bands and accessory programs than concert. Many people come from all parts of country to see and hear they favourite bands. Some people meet there new friends. Festivals usually run more than one day so people sleep under tends and all is big adventure.

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