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Letter fo a friend
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7 Cranberry street
11. November 2006

Hi Martine
I didn´t see you for a very long time. How are you? I´m fine. Many things were changed after I saw you last time. Now I´m living in our new house with my parents, my sister and brother. But I have a new hamster. His name is Pierre.

Our house is on 7 Cranberry street on a top of a hill. The house is quite big and yellow with big garden and a beautiful dog- Benny. I like it here. Around our house there are living some families with young children.

My mother was fired from her last work, but she has a better job now. She is working as an assistent of director of marketing company and my father is now unemployed. I am studying at another High school and except studying I have got english and french lessons and visiting a drama class. I also like cycling with my friends and swimming.

At the moment I am thinking about gifts for my friends for Christmas, I am also preparing for an exam. It´s really difficult because whole this year was changed into a nightmare.

I miss you. It´s not a same without you. I hope to see you soon.


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