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Television - advantages and disadvantages
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Nowadays television is the one of the most important thing. In my opinion television is the best way to get some new information. The first television transmissions were made in England in 1926 by the Scotman John Logie Baird. The great progress was only after the war. Television has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. I try to write about some of them.

In my opinion a large number of people are concerned with television every day - technicians, cameramen, programmers and of course artists. Television plays an important role in our society. Watching television is very popular. You can watch it everywhere and anytime you want. You can watch many TV-programmes on many TV-station. I think that TV is quite good source of information. You can get very cheep and fast summary of news. The news can be sometimes more concerned with entertainment than information, but every viewer have to choose the correct channel. Another kind of TV programe. I prefer is e.g. documentary films. I am interested in nature all over the world, and it is very exciting to watch the life of animals, plants or other people in foreign countries.

Some adults say that TV watching is bad for kids. People are very violent and also children are agressive. The killer become their heros. Maybe they like watching TV and videos where kills . Also even cartoons are full of violence. Just try to watching the famous Pikachu or Dragon Ball. Another bad TV programmes are stupid competitions, where you needn't know anything to win some money. I think it is quite unfair, because if it is competition, you must prove something of your knowledge to get some money, not only by chance. Then I hate more and more advertisements. But sometimes some of them are so stupid that they are funny. Many of people say, that watching TV is waste of time, but I think that it is unnecessary to say it, because everyone can choose those programmes he prefers or can switch off the television.
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