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Stage play - Silvia
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Košice - Secondary Gramar School of P. O. H. sees show´s every year. Every time it´s great occasion for all.

All students enjoy every moment: during route and of course after show. I like the atmosphere, when we are singing and making a lot of fun in the bus. Everyone looks very good and fashionable. It´s very funny to see a group of peoples, which are in normal life very crazy, but when arrives time of show, they looks very noble and that is comic.

Morning is hectic, nobody knows where is the bus, „nobody knows nothing“ that´s day slogan.
„Journey takes about two hours, that few minuts on foot and before us stay theatre of Košice“. It´s wonderfull building full of secrets. I don´t know how, I´m sitting on the highest floor familiarly „KIKIRIKI“. It´s great view, nice woman as dog is playing with two peoples. Very nice and funny....

And than it´s coming real fun, some friends and big city is waiting for us.

Come back is ever the best: my town, my house, my family, my dog, my everything....
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