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What kind of art young people, middle-aged people and old people like most?
  • young people
    -they like going to music concerts and festivals
    -they are fond of pop music, dancing and enjoying themselves
    -opera, ballet and galleries are boring for most of them because they don´t have appropriate education and that´s why they don´t understand it
    -they like reading short stories, boys war novels and girls romantic stories and novels
  • middle-aged people
    -going to the theatre and galleries is a relaxation for them and escape from everyday stereothype
    -in their free time they prefer visiting cinema or watching TV in the comfort of their home
    -they are keen on opera and ballet, they can understand it more than teenagers
    -they don´t have a lot of free time – they are busy at work and at home too
  • old people
    -they are fond of folk music concerts which they attend at weekends and they usually meet some old friends there
    -they have enough time for reading novels and poetry because they are often in retire (retired)
    -they like watching soap operas and also psychological dramas on TV

My favourite singer/band

One of my favourite singers is Alicia Keys. Alicia was born to an Italian mother and a Jamaican father. She was raised in the neighbourhood of New York City. Her mother was the one who most supported her during the time she was developing her talents. Alicia´s mother and father separated when she was only two years old. She was raised by her mother.
Almost all singers say they have loved music since their childhood.

Alicia Keys is not an exception. Her musical gifts became apparent when she was five years old. She was singing in a Professional Performance Art School. Her teacher helped her to develop her vocal talents. Alicia started to attend piano lessons when she was seven years old. She learned classical music by playing composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, and Chopin, who was her favourite composer. This helped her to write her own songs. Alicia wrote her first song Butterfly at the age of fourteen. The song can be found on her debut album. As a teenager she appeared in movie soundtracks, including Men In Black.

After graduating from high school she entered Columbia University. However, her passion for music was stronger than the will to study, and Alicia soon left the school. She wanted to concentrate only on music.
In her early twenties, Alicia released an extremely hot debut album, Songs in A Minor. Alicia wrote these songs. It was influenced by R&B, hip-hop, classical music and jazz. The day the album went on the market, it sold more than 50 000 copies. The album went multi-platinum. The latest album is called Diaries of Alicia Keys.

My favourite film

“Shall We Dance?“ is directed by Peter Chelsom from a screenplay by Audrey Wells. The film brings the story of an American´s search for happiness.

Richard Gere stars as John Clark, a man with a wonderful job, a charming wife (played by Susan Sarandon) and a loving family, who feels that something is missing in his life. Each evening he commutes home, John sees a beautiful young teacher Paulina (played by Jennifer Lopez). He stares at her through the window of a dance studio and admires her.
Amazed by her, he impulsively jumps off the train one night, and signs up for dance lessons. His teacher turns out not to be Paulina, but the much older Miss Mitzi (played by Anita Gillette) and John proves clumsy.

When he meets Paulina, she icily tells him she hopes he has come to the studio to seriously study dance and not to look for a date. But as his lessons continue, he starts to fall in love with dance. Soon he realizes that his attraction to Paulina is nothing in comparison to what he feels for dance.

His friendship with Paulina blossoms as his enthusiasm rekindless her own lost passion for dance. But the more time John spends away from home, the more his wife becomes suspicious, until she hires a private detective to uncover a possible affair. With the secret about to be revealed, John will have to do some fancy footwork to keep his dream doing. However, he soon realises what it is he really yearns for.

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