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I´m keen on reading books. I don´t think I would like to see the film based on a book. I think it would spoil the book. I much prefer to use my own imagination. I can see it how I want to see it. Anyway, I think you get much more insight into character when you read a book. Half of the character is lost in film because you never know what he or she is thinking. And, well, it´s so expensive to go to the cinema nowadays.

Books are not trendy, they are boring, requiering, too much efford
It´s true, mainly in Slovakia where everybody seems to hurry up. Adults are short of time because they are busy at work and at home, young people usually study, they read first of all text-books and obligatory/compulsory literature.
It is also necessary to say that books in Slovakia aren´t cheap. Reading a book is time consuming, so young people prefer surfing on the Internet to reading books. The Internet is very prompt, you can find answers to all your questions immediately.
Some books have become bestsellers and many people buy them, for example Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings. Good interesting books always find their way to their readers.

My favourite book

My favourite book is a novel by Barbara Bradford Taylor, 3 weeks in Paris. It´s about four young women and their favourite teacher.

Romantic Paris is an ideal place where a person can spend their young age and later remember it. That´s why it is hard to refuse the invitation which was sent by the headmaster of school of arts and modern design, Anna Sedgwick, to her ex-students.
These ladies had a sharp disagreement in the past while they were leaving the school. They haven´t talked together since they left the school and came back home.

Before arguing they were best friends, each from a different side of the world.
A successful American girl Alexandra can´t bear up the invitation from Anna even though she has doubts about her unfinished relation with Tom Conners whom she can´t forget.
A Greyish blue blondie Jessica, who doesn´t fancy opening old wounds, finally succumbs to a romantic memoirs.
A Scotswoman Kay Lennox, in contrast to the other girls, sees a chance to solve her problem in this journey to Paris.
Just one of them, complicated Italic woman Marie, takes this occasion however she has a big reason to stay at home.
The Paris of their youth didn´t miss its magic and it´s never too late to make memoirs become a reality which can bring all sorts of things.

  • non-fiction (based on facts): sci-fi, encyclopedia, travel books, historical books, art books, educational literature
  • fiction (everything what is made up): novels, short stories, romance books, adventure novel, criminal stories, psychological books

Every library has a reading book room – there are newspapers, magazines, reviews, periodicals. You can borrow books for 1 month. If you didn´t manage to read the book on time, you must prolong the period, otherwise you get a recommender and you must pay a fine.

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