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Culture and the Arts
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It is a group of people who share the same beliefs and attitudes and it can be music, art and literature. For many people today, culture and cultural life is represented by fine arts, art exhibitions and museum exhibits, as well as going to the cinema, the theatre and concerts of classical or pop music.
How rich your cultural life is depends on both your interests and hobbies, as well as where you live. If you live in a large town, you have a good choice as cultural facilities are plentiful.


Art is the expression of an estetic view. It is the way of relaxation. It can be created by someone to influence other people, their imagination, emotions. It might be a personal view on something. The main of art is to influence, to educate and to entertain.
Forms of art: literature (dramas, novels, poetry, short stories, sci-fi,...), performing arts (film, dramatic performance, theatre, ballet, opera, dance, concert, operetta,..), fine arts (painting, sculpture, photographs,..), architecture, ceramics
People and their attitude to art:
-professionals – creators, performers (directors, conductors, painters, musicians, writers, dancers,...)
-critics – express what they feel, look for another sight of art, judge art, are educated in art
-consumers – young people, adults (middle-aged people), older people

Cultural life in our town

Cultural life in our town is not so rich as in large cities. In spite of that, there are some ways of spending leisure time. We can go to the cinema, to the theatre, dancing, or we can stay at home and listen to the radio, watch television and read books. There are a lot of festivals and concerts during summer season in our town.


There is one cinema here which offer film shows twice a week all the year round. The repertory of the cinema is not specialized, the films don´t have a long run and they change every week. In the past it was necessary to book the tickets for a performance in advance if you wanted to avoid long queuing in front of the box office. The cinema was often packed and the tickets were sold out. Since that time attendance has declined partly due to the fact that people have less free time and are lazier to leave their homes. They prefer watching television or video to going to the cinema. The cinemas don´t draw large audiences nowadays also on account of their repertory focused on presenting commercial, action films which do not interest more demanding cinemagoers. The last reason, but not the least, may be high admission. Nowadays we can get the tickets straight away at the cinema, about half an hour before the performance. Some people like to sit at the back but I usually buy tickets to the middle of the tenth row from where I can see better than from a seat next to the gangway. Before I decide to go to the cinema, I choose the films very carefully. I do not like violence and blood and I am fond of witty comedies, psychological dramas and films about young people above all. I also follow the reviews and try to go and see first-run or highly regarded films or those which won an Oscar or another award at festivals, and then I compare my impression with the official review. I am also glad to see films directed by my favourite directors, such as Miloš Forman, Jiří Menzel and Woody Allen. My favourite actor is Robert Redford and actress Sandra Bullock. And my favourite film is The beautiful mind with Russel Crowe

a comedy – a funny film full of jokes, amusing people who often get into troubles and make funny mistakes
a sci-fi – an unreal film, often full of alien creatures, robots, laser weapons, floating cars and fantastic special effects, the story takes place in the future or in the universe
a cartoon – an animated film with moving pictures to express some ideas for children, there are animals, special things which can speak and behave like people
an adventurous film – a thrilling film, heroes get into complicated situations deal with dangerous people
a detective film – there´s a murder or a theft for jewellery, the detective tries to solve the case
a romance - it´s about love, there is often break up and during the plot the characters find the way how to solve their problems and the film ends with a happyend
a horror – a scary film full of ghosts, mystic creatures and mysterious events
a soap opera – it is about lives of rich people, their loves, everyday problems, their enemies, it has often more than 150 parts

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